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Welcome to my Masterlist of Fics! I write a lot of different pairings, ranging from the traditional Harry/Draco to the obscene Dumbledore/Albus Potter. I never shy away from a challenge in the HP fandom, so you'll find a lot of bizarre pairings that may frighten you. heh. You've been warned.

Everything is categorized for ease of finding what you want. Please let me know if you see any dead links or errors, etc. <3 And thanks for reading!

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Last Updated: July, 2010

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Could this year be the year of Harry/Scorpius? I've noticed that the pairing kind of dropped out of favour for a while, but recently, I've noticed a huge influx of fics and art featuring H/Sc, and it's made me so incredibly happy of late in the fandom realm! I felt like I needed to proclaim this the year of H/Sc. Or at least rec every piece of H/Sc I've thus far read and beg for more recs and linkage from you fine lovelies!

So, without further ado:

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um hello there internet T__T

anyone have any prompts tonight? I know I'm pretty nonexistent here and most of my old friends might be too, but if you're around, and you'd like a pairing or have a cute original prompt for original characters, I am so ready to write.

It's been a long time.

Sidenote: I just came from TFIOS and that is where inspiration struck.

fic: Breaking Point

Title: Breaking Point
Rating: R
Word Count: 740
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin (fusion with Batman/Robin)
Warnings: Merlin's age is never specified but he's younger that Arthur here and so you can take that any way you want to ;)
Summary: They stare at one another, neither backing down. “I think I was meant to be by your side," Merlin says.
Notes: Written for summerpornathon for the fusion/crossover challenge. I have plans to turn this into a whole huge fic of doom, but for now, here it is. Did a Batman fusion, so Arthur is Batman and Merlin is Robin.

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Does this exist??

Is there or is there not an H/D Olympics community??? Or even just an HP Olypmics one. Because, honestly? Harry and Draco as rival swimmers who meet every four years to fuck their brains out? Or Harry and Scorpius as trainer and gymnast star who have had a working relationship for years and after Scorpius wins the gold he decides to win Harry's heart too????

Does this exist or do I need to create it??? D:


I wanna write The Dark Knight Rises fanfic. If you haven't seen it yet, OHGOD. The last five minutes. Just the last five minutes!!!!! It made me have all the feelings in the world. And all the ideas. ALL OF THEM.

I almost can't even handle this awesomeness. It hurts! Right in my feels.

Anybody else seen it who can just squee with me???
hiccup grin

Friday Ficlets!

It's FRIDAY. And I feel like blowing off a bit of work writing. I haven't done this in like a year, so I'm not even sure anyone will be interested, but if you are!

  • Leave a comment to this post with a pairing and prompt! Ex: Harry/Scorpius, food fight.
  • I'll write you a ficlet! :D RIGHT NOW.
  • Can be from the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Merlin, Batman.
  • ANY pairing. ANY prompt.


* Percy/Lily Luna, "pancakes", PG for maurice
* Draco/Albus, "slave", NC-17 for kitty_fic
* Bellatrix/Harry, "bite", R for melusinahp
* Catwoman/Harry Potter, "Avalon", PG for chantefable -yes you read that pairing right >.>

more thinky thoughts about Falling Skies

Nobody on my flist probably cares at all, because I don't think most people even know what Falling Skies *is* let alone what channel it's on or when to catch it or that it's only a summer show or that it's produced by Steven friggin Spielberg... but I'm on a high from watching part two of the 2 hour season premier and I must share!!!!!!!!!

Reasons you should watch Falling Skies:

* Post apocalyptic awesomeness: the world has been invaded by aliens and there are only probably thousands left surviving. The way the show handles the post-apoc setting is perfect. They're scattered and everyone has to figure out what they can do to help. A history professor becomes second in command. Children become warriors. It's just...nnng. The whole people in desperate times doing what they can to save the world? Yes please.

* Character interactions: the main character, Tom, and his three kids, Hal, Ben, and Matt. They are TO FRIGGIN DIE FOR. I love Tom. He's a beautiful father who lost his wife and is trying to hold on to his kids any way he can. D: His love for them is what drives the show, and his sacrifices for their well being just kill me dead. Hal, his oldest, is gorgeously angsty, and Ben, the middle son, was taken by aliens and he's now affected by them and still has one of the alien SPINES connected to his back and he's all broody but also kind of superhuman because of whatever the aliens did to him and nnnnggg love him!

* WOMEN. Okay, to be honest, women characters are hit and miss. The main female lead is boring as all shit. But but but there is an awesome character named Margaret who, in the first season, was being held basically as a rape victim by these asshole guys. But now? Now she kicks friggin ASS and she's so hot and her voice is all gravely and she's STRONG. You never see her backing down or not doing the things the guys are doing. She's incredible win, and I hope they continue to make her such.

I can't even. I want to watch moooore right now! Can't recommend it highly enough. ;-;

alkhfaslfs love

I fucking love Falling Skies.


Is anybody else watching it? It makes me endlessly happy. Tom + his kids = swasflkahsdf ANGST and nnngg Ben with his alien spines and internal hatred and his relationship with Hal AHHH it's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't. Even.