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Could this year be the year of Harry/Scorpius? I've noticed that the pairing kind of dropped out of favour for a while, but recently, I've noticed a huge influx of fics and art featuring H/Sc, and it's made me so incredibly happy of late in the fandom realm! I felt like I needed to proclaim this the year of H/Sc. Or at least rec every piece of H/Sc I've thus far read and beg for more recs and linkage from you fine lovelies!

So, without further ado:

All the H/Sc Fics Written & Arts Drawn in 2011 (that I can find D:)


Against the Wall by brinimc
NSFW - Scorpius Malfoy always gets what he wants...

Untitled by brinimc
NSFW - Scorpius Malfoy has been torturing Harry for years. Harry finally does something about it.

H/Sc Icons & a Scorpius Art by brinimc
Worksafe icons and art!

T&A by scarletscarlet
NSFW - Scorpius will do anything to get close to Harry, including growing a pair of epic tits, wearing lippy and putting up with never having his dick touched, because Harry is not so much into cock.


Don't Stand So Close to Me by ginger_veela
Heavy R rating - Harry's voice barely trembles as he murmurs the words. He's a responsible man, after all, used to sacrifice and deprivation and self-denial. Especially self-denial.

What He Wants by nicevenn
NC-17 - Scorpius's lips twitched at the corners. "I want you to fuck me -- hard -- until you fill me with your come. Then I want you to stick your tongue up my arse and taste yourself in me."

Tempering the Storm by marguerite_26
NC-17, Epilogue to her fucking fabulous Seventeen series nnnggg - The time for hiding was over.

Errant Child by meglw0228
R - Scorpius tries to seduce his teacher. Unfortunately it does not turn out how he expects.

The Invisible Line by winterstorrm
NC-17 - Harry Potter had clothes that were older than Scorpius Malfoy... but that didn’t stop Harry from wanting him.

Beastly **includes art too!!** by mistress_ashley
NC-17 - Harry can’t resist playing the hero—even if it is only to save a cat.

2 H/Sc Drabbles by lijahlover
NC-17 - Harry and Scorpius are making love on the desk at Malfoy Manor and assume they are unobserved.

Only a Love Story by ciraarana
NC-17 - Not every love story ends in a happily ever after. Sometimes, it doesn't end at all.

Not Here by hpfangirl71
NC-17 - Her actual summary is: No real plot just sex in the office... :D Which makes me want to read it stat!

Come On (Blush) by okydoky
NC-17 - “Oh, God, Harry, you can’t do that,” Scorpius says. His cheeks are red, and his teeth are worrying his bottom lip as he watches me lick his come from my fingers.

A New Technique by kitty_fic
NC-17 - Harry awoke to a tickling sensation running up one side of his foot, across his toes and down the other side.

Dysfunction by snarkyscorp
NC-17 - Harry is having ED problems. He visits Healer Malfoy, who helps him get it up.

Under Pressure by snarkyscorp
NC17 - It was getting to the point that Harry could smell him coming. From halfway down the hall at least, Harry could smell the familiar scent of shame and saltwater tears. It pricked his nerves, erected the hair on his arms and at the back of his neck and tightened something low and disgusting in his gut like a bolt.

Of Collars and Leashes by kamerreon
R - Harry Potter, the greatest Dark Lord of all time, would settle for nothing less than someone he could own: a perfect submissive.

Going Clubbing by hpfangirl71
NC-17 - Dirty dancing at the club leads to some even dirtier dancing back at home.

Tiny Kisses on My Back by bleedforyou1
No Rating - "Come back to bed…spend today with me. Our first Valentine’s day—don’t you want to?"

Breath by dysonrules
No Rating (but maybe PG-13?) - "I'm too old for this," Harry said. "Too old for you."

Breath by ginger_veela
No Rating - Scorpius sits by the wireless, frozen save for the fingers he pushes through his hair over and over again. The news is bad.

Stout by potteresque_ire
NC-17 - Harry’d bought this place for the night just so none of them had to talk.

Dirty by meglw0228
R - “Merlin, we’re a mess!” Harry exclaimed, watching Scorpius sit up on the table.

Taking Turns by ginger_veela
Harry/Ginny/Scorpius, NC-17 - "Do you know the punishment for dereliction of duty, Auror Malfoy?"

This is Better, This is New by chantefable
Harry/Ginny/Scorpius, NC-17 - Head Auror Harry Potter and celebrated journalist Ginevra Weasley sharing their mutual acquaintance, Quidditch player Scorpius Malfoy.

Old Enough by deirdre_aithne
G - Pining for a student wasn't healthy...

It's Just...So Big! by kitty_fic
NC-17 - Scorpius accidently walks in on Harry in the shower and gets more than he hoped for.

Tempting by snarkyscorp
R - Harry doesn't believe Scorpius is as good in bed as he claims.

Of Lesson Plans and Lizard Brains by curiouslyfic
NC-17 - Scorpius has to learn sometime.

Am I missing anything?? Please enlighten me with links! :D


Feb. 16th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
You're quite welcome. :D


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