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smut is good for your health

thus I am quite healthy

trusting things beyond mistake
5 October 1983
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More About snarkyscorp Than You Ever Wanted to know

Firstly, this is 99% a fandom journal, with fiction in the Harry Potter realm. I do not profit off my writing, nor do I mean to abuse any copyright issues therein. The Potterverse is owned by JK Rowling and Warner Bros.--I just meddle with the characters for my own perverse enjoyment. A large majority of the fics contained herein are NC-17 and thus not appropriate for those of you under 18.

That said, I am a slash writer with absolutely NO boundaries. I do not believe in OTPs in the way most fanwriters do--I just like a good challenge, which means sometimes I write insane stuff like Dumbledore/Albus Potter or Harry/Lily Luna. Most of the time, you will find Harry/Scorpius, Draco/Albus, and other cross-gen goodness that will totally rock your socks.

I love darkfic, good intentions gone horribly wrong, self-doubt, emotional issues, dubious consent, good plots with lots of sex, cougars, and don't believe in the "top" and "bottom" dichotomy of how pairings should go.

I am the mod at:
* hp_nextgen_fest: an annual art and fic fest that focuses on the Next Gen kids from Harry Potter.

* nextgendarkfest: an annual fic and art fest that includes all things dark and disturbing with the Next Gen kids from Harry Potter.

Masterlist of FicsNextGen Dark FestHPEqualityHarryScorp100

(above art by _aurora_sky_)

for Face Down

for After the Party

(me and my gal, drawn by the faaaaabulous _aurora_sky_)

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